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Trail Distance: 27km total (between Kate Reed Reserve and Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area)

Difficulty: Mixed green and Blue

Distance from Launceston: You’re here!

Kate Reed

This park has something for all levels. There is a dense network of trails criss-crossing the Kate Reed Reserve and it really is best enjoyed by just exploring! For those looking for a challenge there are some dedicated trails available. Alternately families with kids could will love riding down to the boarded area and checking that area out!


With 8kms of single track stretching from the Gorge Road to the Hoo Hoo hut (yes seriously that is it’s name), this is where you’re inevitably going to get started, however if you’re a little more adventurous and have a little more time, then don’t overlook the other multiple use trails in the reserve. There’s kilometres of trails out there for those looking for a more old school rustic Tasmanian experience.