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Total distance: 139.2 km

Maximum elevation: 1970 m

Crisscross along Launceston streets until you reach the Old Bass Highway in Prospect, continue along until you reach the beautiful and bike friendly Pateena Road. From the end of Pateena Road through to Longford this is a busy section with a speed zone of 100km but there is a good verge.

From Longford to Cressy it is flat but you may encounter some rural traffic. When in Cressy you will find a toilet block on the small main road. Otherwise turn right at the school and from here you will enjoy rolling hills.

Turn right onto Poatina Road, the only road to the central highlands, from here you can pop into Poatina Village although remember this is not the climb!

Once you pass the Poatina Village and reach the power station you are commencing the iconic climb. Here you will experience a 10km climb which averages 7%. Jump off, take a picture and enjoy the descent!

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